About Us

The story behind Allegiant Homes, LTD.

Allegiant Homes Limited was  registered in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2007.  Founder and owner Don S. Hosten migrated from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in July 1988 and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he began working as a journeyman remodeling homes and apartment buildings.

In 1996 Mr. Hosten founded the Prime Real Estate Company a corporation of Pennsylvania, where he continued home remodeling and began working in new home construction.  In 2001 the Pennsylvania Builders Group was begun.

After establishing the Pennsylvania Builders Group, Mr. Hosten became specialized in custom built single family luxury homes throughout Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley areas located in Pennsylvaina.

In 2007 Goldman, Greenburg and George a Pennsylvaina company was begun.  Goldman, Greenburg and Grorge focused on land acquisition only.

With his extensive knowledge of custom home building, Mr. Hosten has overseen the construction and remodeling of hundreds of homes in Pennsylvania.  He has also managed and consulted on many developments, managed his on multi-units and single family homes as rental units.

While building, constructing and designing luxury homes is truly a passion with Mr. Hosten, he has been known to have the occasional hobby or two.  In his spare time he visits and consults with other land developers and contractors critiquing and assisting in the construction of their home and land development projects, giving his own brand or stamp of approval on each one.  He also attends trade and home building show across the United States and abroad, keeping up on the latest in design, construction and conservation projects involved in the construction industry.

Allegiant Homes Limited has become a visionary leader and trail blazer among their counterparts in the 21st Century.  We assist the home buyer every step of the way, from choosing which light bulb should be placed in the home to appliances, flooring, color palettes etc.

A letter from Don:

My lovely wife Lorraine, our son Forrest and myself build homes with the philosophy that your home is the fulfillment of your dreams and the arrangement of the elements of life!  It is the accumulation of what you have worked for your entire life.  We are committed to making sure we do it right! With this premise we want you to have peace of mind while your home is being built.  Each home that we build comes with a 15 year warranty, thats right, a 15 year warranty.  We are family and we are in it for the long haul.

From as early as my childhood I can remember that my passion has always been to build, to make the intangible, tangible and that is still my greatest desire to this day.  We here at Allegiant Homes Limited want all of our homeowners to know that our team aspires to fulfill your dreams of home ownership and to make your experience a rewarding and enjoyable one!

It is your vision, it is our privilege to make that dream come true!  Welcome to Allegiant Homes.


Don S. Hosten


Allegiant Homes Limited
Currently Mr. Hosten resides in Florida with his lovely bride Lorraine and their son, Forrest.