We at Allegiant Homes Limited DONOT take on risky or marginal projects.  Our goal is to create maximum profits for our investors and ourselves with the least amount of risk possible, hence the reason for our confidence in 15 years warranty on all of our homes, because we have some of the best sub-contractors and tradesmen in the business, and we use the finest quality products available.  Therefore when building speculatively, we only do so in carefully selected neighborhoods that meets our criteria, for example ingress-egress, density, gated or not gated community, school, comparable sales, types of homes.

We then rate the project as A+, A, B, C.  This would determine our exposure and risk factors.  These are some of the factors involved in selection criteria.


Option Number 1

Allegiant Homes Ltd pay 100% for the Land Acquisition.  The investor pays 100% for the construction and earns 5% return calculated on an annual percentage rate with monthly interest payments on the dollar amount funded, with principal payment at completion and sale of the project.

Option Number 2

Allegiant Homes Ltd provide 10% of the land acquisition, the investor provides 90% and 100% of the construction cost and earns 8% interest based on an annual percentage rate with a balloon principal and interest payment at the project completion and sale.

Option Number 3

The investor provides 100% financing inclusive of all soft cost, for the land acquisition and constructions and earns 10% Flat rate of return “Not APR” , with a balloon payment of principal and interest at project completion and sale!  The investor can use their own attorneys or ours.

These are three fantastic opportunities to earn a generous return on your investment.

**Investors rates are subject to change.

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