Green Heart Wood

Green Heart Wood and Green Heart Wood – Same Thing!

You’ll sometimes see this tropical hardwood called “Green Heart Wood” and sometimes you’ll see “Greenheart Wood“.  Rest assured, it’s the same wood.  Some people simply prefer to SPLIT the name (a little “lumber humor” there).  We use both names interchangeably so that we don’t alienate either group.

What Makes Green Heart Wood So Great?

Green heart wood is attractive, durable, versatile and environmentally friendly. It is a tropical hardwood that is world renowned for its strength and durability. It is highly resistant to decay, termites, fire, and marine organisms. Greenheart requires no treatment and it’s three to four times stronger than pine or fir. Greenheart can be specially milled for your desired project. This superior timber has been engineered and used in many projects such as fender systems, lock gates, framing, decking and pilings.
See our Green Heart Piles page for information on using greenheart for marine pilings.
Get more information about using Greenheart (and other woods) as structural timbers
We’ve also used green heart lumber in construction of our new DuraVilla pre-fabricated homes!
These photos provide insight into just some of the potential of green heart wood:
8" x 10" Greenheart Timber Frame - Florida
8″ x 10″ Greenheart Timber Frame – Florida
Green heart Timber loaded on 40' Flat Rack
Green heart Timber loaded on 40′ Flat Rack
3" x 12" Greenheart lumber - Coney Island Board Walk, N.Y.
3″ x 12″ Greenheart lumber – Coney Island Board Walk, N.Y.
Green Heart Decking - St. Thomas
Green Heart Decking – St. Thomas
Specially milled Greenheart supplied to Scotland - 2005
Specially milled Greenheart supplied to Scotland – 2005